If you have developed an application using the HTML helper method @Html.AntiForgeryToken and you then apply claims based authentication to the application, you will probably encounter the error:

An unhandled exception has occurred:
A claim of type '' or '' was not present on the provided ClaimsIdentity.
To enable anti-forgery token support with claims-based authentication, please verify that the configured claims provider is providing both of these claims on the ClaimsIdentity instances it generates. If the configured claims provider instead uses a different claim type as a unique identifier, it can be configured by setting the static property AntiForgeryConfig.UniqueClaimTypeIdentifier.

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This script simplifies the ability to use multiple tracking and analytics providers in your HTML and JavaScript.

The script was born when I was facing the task of enabling multiple user tracking and analytic scripts on the same page. I had to support Google Analytics, Clicky (formerly known as GetClicky), and a custom tracking script.

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Resently I had to bind a SSL certificate on our IIS7 to accomodate for HTTPS traffix to a specific domain.

When trying to bind the certificate to the IP address, I got an error message that aparently does not have anything to do with what I was currently doing:

There was an error while performing this operation. 
A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070520)

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